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About H&S.

At H&S Virtual Solutions LLC, we offer exciting opportunities for 1099 customer service agents. Our agents are top priority so we ensure a quick and easy onboarding process. Once you find your desired job and complete a free certification course, you are paid hourly.

Best Part, you pick your own hours. No more missing family events because you are unable to take off. Click here to learn more and take the first step towards joining our team.

Why Choose Us?


H&S is contracted with multiple fortune 500 companies. Once you become a agent you will have access to a job portal and each company will list the jobs that are available when they are in need of agents. 

Once certified not only are you paid hourly, you also have the ability to pick your own schedule.


Each company requires that every agent become certified. During the free certification course you will learn the companies products and policies. You will learn first call resolution and customer service skills. Once you have been certified you will start taking customer service calls and/or chats. 


We keep our agents in mind at all times. From the quick and easy onboarding to the flexibility of scheduling. Getting you job placement is our top priority and we do all we can to make sure you start working as soon as possible. You are guaranteed hire as long as you can pass a background check and you have the required equipment.

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Onboarding Process

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Take Your Assessment 

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Sign Up For the Job You Are Interested In and Pay For Your Background Check

Complete Certification Course

Computer doesn't meet requirements?

You can purchase a laptop or desktop from a local electronic store. 

If you are unable to pay full price for equipment, we work with a company that has Work from home equipment made specifically for the jobs we offer.


If you are approved you could pay as little as $10 down, get your equipment and pay the rest in installments. 

CLICK HERE for more information

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